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Welcome to the Zagelow Beefalo Ranch Web site!

Zagelow Beefalo Ranch is located in the lower Yakima Valley in Washington State, somewhere in between the town of Harrah and White Swan to be exact. Some consider it paradise with a view of Mt. Adams to the west, warm beautiful summers, and snow covered winters.

Jim & Juanita Zagelow own and have lived on the ranch for thirty years and have been raising Beefalo for around 10 years. Jim began raising Polled Hereford cattle in 1971 and made the switch to Beefalo in 1990.

Why the change? If Jim was going to raise cattle for beef, he wanted it to be healthy beef. Beefalo has 63% less fat than average supermarket beef, 32% less cholesterol, and 31% less calories.

Jim's dedication to the Beefalo Market has lead him to roles such as, President of the Northwest Beefalo Association, and West Coast National Director, ABWR. He and Juanita travel to National Meetings for both organizations and enjoy meeting with other Beefalo breeders.

How many Beefalo are on the ranch?
Jim and Juanita average a 12 head cow/calf program, with fall and spring calving.